Solid wood furniture classification small knowledg

 Ordinary solid wood furniture is usually made of willow, beech, catalpa wood, white oak, elm, rubber wood, Chinese oak, pine, and expensive mahogany furniture is mainly made of cassia siamea, rosewood and padauk, at the same time Chinese oak wood texture is relatively hard, not easy deformation, is also a good raw material. Of course, not only the wood is hero, if a solid wood furniture, its work and modelling are very careful, even if material is ordinary, also difficult mask its radiance, on the contrary those used superior wood, modelling, work do not have the furniture of intention, do not deserve to have.

Here are a few of our commonly used wood for furniture:

1. Beech: beautiful wood grain, hard wood, extremely high density and with few defects, almost no lumps.

Beech furniture manufacturer does not go up lacquer commonly, however after the surface is polished with transparent tung oil processing, maintain its original wood color and grain.

2. Cherry wood: Burma cherry wood is the best, with uniform wood color, straight texture, fine structure and even, which is relatively classy wood. But have a very big drawback is wood color slants red too dark, use at Chinese style furniture more commonly, although do not apply all interior design style, but this kind of furniture is very store, do manual work is very good.

3. Camphor wood: it has a strong fragrance, because it contains camphor and other volatile oil. Some of the backs of domestic wardrobe are made of camphor wood. In the old days, women married, the family will accompany a camphor wood box, such as Shanghai.

4. White oak: this wood is mostly used in European furniture. The origin of oak is very much, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea has, Malaysia is a little worse, Korea is the best, good wood is always produced in cold place, tropical wood grows quickly, material is not so good.

5. Pine: it has a nice smell of pine, but it is soft and is cheaper in solid wood furniture. High quality Finnish pine grain is beautiful, plain and unadorned, simple and elegant and pure to make children’s furniture very suitable.

6. Black rosewood: this is also the mahogany furniture that can be handed down for generations and keep its value.

7. Red rosewood: in the radical sense, “old red mahogany” in China is made from red rosewood in southeast Asia. 

8. Southeast Asian rosewood, cassia siamea: southeast Asian rosewood, the quality and price are better than South America and Africa’s common rosewood.

Post time: Aug-29-2018

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