Solid wood furniture material and advantage

Natural, environmental protection, healthy solid wood furniture reveals natural and original beauty.

The real wood furniture is durable, natural and free of chemical pollution, which is a healthy fashion choice, in line with the psychological needs of modern urbanite to advocate nature.

Below normally, solid wood furniture is the furniture that points to frame is solid wood, be like mesa, door board, side board, partition board, floor board to wait for likelihood is man-made board, consumer needs special attention!

Commonly used wood for solid wood furniture:

Take solid wood furniture as an example, the kind basically has: walnut Chinese catalpa wood, beech, teak, maple, oak, Chinese oak, white ash, elm wood, poplar, pine wood, etc., among them Chinese catalpa wood, white ash, beech,Chinese oak is the most expensive. These materials come from nature and reflect the harmonious relationship between people and the environment. Designers all love to use these materials, and the modern design concept of people-oriented and nature-oriented can narrow the distance between people and materials, and give people a sense of intimacy.

01. Korean pine: light and soft material, moderate strength, good drying, water and corrosion resistance, processing, painting, coloring and cementation.

02. White pine: light and soft material, elastic, fine and even structure, good dryness, water and corrosion resistance, processing, painting and colouring cementation. White pine is stronger than red pine.

03. Birch: slightly hard material, fine structure, great strength, good processing, painting and adhesion.

04. Paulownia wood: the material is very light and soft, the structure is rough, the water surface is not smooth, dry and not warped.

05. Basswood: slightly soft material, slightly fine structure, silk luster, not easy to crack, processing, painting, coloring, cementation. Not resistant to corrosion, slightly warping when dry.

06.white ash: slightly hard material, beautiful patterns, rough structure, easy to process, toughness, good paint, adhesion, and generally dry.

07. Elm: beautiful pattern, rough structure, processing, painting, good adhesion, poor dryness, easy to crack warping.

08. Chinese oak wood: hard material, thick structure, high strength, difficult to process, good coloring and painting, poor adhesion, easy to dry, easy to crack.

09. Beech: hard material, straight texture, fine structure, abrasion resistance, luster and dry not deformation, processing, painting, good adhesion.

10. Maple: moderate weight, fine structure, easy to process, smooth cutting surface, good painting, adhesion and warping when dry.

11. Camphor wood: moderate weight, fine structure, aroma, not deformation when dry, processing, painting, good adhesion.

12. Willow: moderate material, slightly rough structure, easy processing, good performance of gluing and painting. Slightly cracking and warping when dry. Plywood made of willow wood is called Philippine board.

13. Rosewood: hard material, complementary texture, medium structure, resistant to spoilage, not easy to dry, smooth cutting surface, good painting and adhesion. 

14. Rosewood (rosewood) : hard, textured, coarsely textured, durable, shiny and smooth.

15. walnut Chinese catalpa wood: good material, smooth planer surface, corrosion-resistant, not warping, lustrous, wood toughness excellent.

16. Rubber wood: clear texture, hard material, rough structure, easy to process, good coating and adhesion!

17. Oak: mountain wood grain with good texture on the touch surface. The material is hard, the structure is firm, the service life is long, the class is high, matter makes Europe type furniture, not easy to absorb water, corrosion-resistant, strength is big. 

18. Artificial board: commonly used are three-ply board, five-ply board, fibreboard, chipboard, hollow board, etc. Because the combination structure of all sorts of man-made board is different, can overcome the drawback such as lumber bulge shrink, warping, craze, reason is used in furniture, have a lot of advantage.


Advantages of solid wood furniture:

1. Natural, environmental-friendly and healthy solid wood furniture reveals natural and original beauty.

The reason that real wood furniture is long prosperous, analyse from color, depend on its natural wood ecru. Log lubricious furniture already natural, do not have chemical pollution again, this is healthy fashionable choice really, accord with contemporary urbanite advocate the psychological demand of nature. Next, environmental protection decorates real wood furniture is market leading role.

Solid wood furniture in the process of manufacturing, and those compared to the wood-based panel furniture, with a relatively small amount of glue. How much with glue quantity influences the environmental protection sex of furniture.

2. Long service life. The service life of board type furniture is average 3-5 years. The service life of real wood furniture is 5 times of board type furniture above.

3. Solid wood home has the function of preserving value. At the same time, it can bring warm and moist “wood gas” to the household environment, so it is quite popular among middle and high-end consumers. Its advantage is to reflect nature: natural grain, changeful form, furniture surface can see the decorative pattern of lumber beauty commonly.

4, solid wood furniture has its own unique style solid wood furniture from natural raw materials, set in a natural essence, and the real show the distinctive taste of solid wood furniture, high-grade, thick, will enjoy a long history of the combination of Chinese traditional culture and modern fashion elements, into the design of furniture, given new connotation for furniture, the furniture design more humane, practical, modern and create a new fashion for solid wood furniture, furniture of new tide.

Post time: Aug-29-2018

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