Classification of furniture style

1. Mediterranean style furniture:

Namely the ocean style that people often says, give priority to color with white, ash, sky blue, reflect sea sky one color, broad feelings, the use of archway ornament.

2. Pastoral furniture:

The household adornment of rural style, with its pure and fresh nature, return uncut jade to return true characteristic more and more get young advocate with pursue.

3.American style furniture:

With primitive wood color of primitive simplicity give priority to, use cane to weave.

4. European-style furniture:

European style furniture is the important element that Europe type classicism decorates, it is main representative with the furniture of Italian, French and Spanish style.

It continued the characteristics of the furniture of the royal aristocracy from the 17th century to the 19th century.

5.Southeast Asian style furniture:

With a strong religious color, the color is mainly dark, such as deep purple, dark brown.

6. European-style furniture:

Make good use of flowers and plants, build the atmosphere of birds’ language and fragrance of flowers, mass-tone is white, reflect romance, refined life lasting appeal, be loved by young people place.

7.Southeast Asian style furniture:

With its natural beauty from the tropical rain forest and strong ethnic characteristics swept the world.

It makes extensive use of wood and other natural raw materials, such as rattan, bamboo, stone, bronze and brass, and partially USES some golden wallpaper and silk-textured fabric, which makes the whole household life full of pure wind from primitive nature.

8. Japanese style furniture:

Furniture adornment is given priority to with square geometry graph, use wooden sliding door, French window.

9. Chinese style furniture:

Classic solemn, like to use natural wood and other hardwood furniture, such as acid, red sandalwood, chrysanthemum pear, rosewood, etc., like in the form of relief, nested carved dragon phoenix, exquisite, color is given priority to with dark red, meaning red, rich in elderly people’s most favorite, calligraphy and painting, Chinese knot, 仿, ancient screen, partition board is little not decoration.

10. African style furniture:

The roughness factor of African culture is inherited on the whole, the ground of the room can choose antique looking ceramic tile of different design, but tonal meeting is partial to heavy tonal, sedate bear dirty.

African style decorate like sculpture, due to the color of the sculpture itself vigorous laboring, easy to produce the feeling of fullness, so on the selection of wall color is very bold, traditional this blue ash, green, white and light yellow, delicate powder distribution in different on wall, the pure and fresh and fine color combination represents the bright leisurely.

11. Classic style furniture:

Do one’s best to achieve the effect of magnificent, a sense of luxury filled with noble colors.

Main tone is white, golden color, good at using curve, line is beautiful, and act the role of gold line golden edge, give priority to with big adornment, if large lamp ACTS the role of, shade curtain, arch.

Suitable for large family structure, especially double – entry design.

12. Simple style furniture:

The space modelling is relatively concise, but do not break vogue, give priority to with straight line, it is the asymmetry design that shows originality commonly, the style is quietly elegant, simple, lively, value the practical function of interior space.

13. Fashion style furniture:

The most important characteristic is to update the creativity constantly, change with the time and the time change, follow the trend of the time and design.


Above is the classification of these furniture styles hope to help you.

Post time: Aug-29-2018

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