• Solid wood furniture material and advantage

    Natural, environmental protection, healthy solid wood furniture reveals natural and original beauty. The real wood furniture is durable, natural and free of chemical pollution, which is a healthy fashion choice, in line with the psychological needs of modern urbanite to advocate nature. Below nor...
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  • Solid wood furniture classification small knowledg

     Ordinary solid wood furniture is usually made of willow, beech, catalpa wood, white oak, elm, rubber wood, Chinese oak, pine, and expensive mahogany furniture is mainly made of cassia siamea, rosewood and padauk, at the same time Chinese oak wood texture is relatively hard, not easy deformation,...
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  • Classification of furniture style

    1. Mediterranean style furniture: Namely the ocean style that people often says, give priority to color with white, ash, sky blue, reflect sea sky one color, broad feelings, the use of archway ornament. 2. Pastoral furniture: The household adornment of rural style, with its pure and fresh nature,...
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